Teaching: The Road Less Travelled

I can still remember when I was much younger,
I really wanted to be a Business Manager.

In my first time in college, I got that chance.

But my nose bled in Math of Investment and Finance.
Before all that, I wanted to be an Architect.

But Math gave me a negative effect!

After some time, I got hooked on House MD.

Becoming a Doctor was just not for me.
I also worked abroad as a Factory Worker,

returned home three years later.

I really wanted to get a Bachelor’s degree,

so I decided to study in a university.
Confused, I didn’t know what course to take.

It was stressing, so I drank coffee and ate cheese cake

Then I pondered… Should I take Criminology or Education?

Whatever! All I knew was I needed to take action.
Me becoming a cop didn’t sit well with my granny;

so I took up Education, and the rest is history.

I had no idea that to experience being a Teacher was one of a kind.

Transforming lives, touching hearts, and teaching minds…
It may not be as prestigious and high paying as a Doctor or a Lawyer,

But life in the academe is simply a world of wonder.

So to all of you who can… Teach!

Just imagine the lives you will touch and reach.


What I Learned from Sports


One of the few things that makes this world a better place (most of the time). Many would say that it is just like life. I don’t know about you, but I completely agree with this concept. As a newbie coach, I will attempt to enumerate the things I learned.
1. Sports is a journey.

 Just like the great adventure of life, sports or competing in sports is a glorious (and often challenging) journey. Usually, we start as a beginner, working our asses off through training, studying, working with others, working alone, and continuously trying to improve. Basically, just like in life, we will never achieve our goals if we never get off the couch and work hard. In sports, the journey is simply about improving ourselves and improving with our teammates (unless you play individual sport), and reaching the top. Though reaching the top isn’t necessarily the end of the adventure, rather this is where we have to work even harder to remain on top; and of course, we also help others along the way. 
2. It is a great teacher.

 Life teaches us valuable lessons. Often times these lessons come after our mistakes and failures. We also learn from our failures in sports. It teaches us to pay more attention to details and to analyze every situation. By doing so, we learn what went right and what went wrong, and this will help and prepare us to minimize or avoid more screw ups. Failures in life makes us stronger as a person, and the same goes in sports. Our failures and defeats make us stronger and more competitive. It lets us experience the pain of losing which drives us to work harder, run faster, and be smarter in order to prevent more losses.
 Besides the valuable life lessons, sports also teaches us other important traits like respect, compassion, dedication, and commitment. Being involved in sports develops within us the value of respect. Respect for the game, yourself, your coaches, teammates, opponents, and all people in general. Through respect, we also learn to become compassionate. Without compassion, we will fail to care for the well being of the team and the people who supports the team. Also through respect, we become more dedicated in giving our best all the time and to wholeheartedly commit ourselves to the become better individuals and better members of the team and of course as members of the society.
3. Sports reminds us that no man is an island.

 Whether you play individual or team sports, everybody knows that you’ll never achieve success when you’re all alone. Even legends like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Wayne Gretzky, Steve Young, and LeBron James never accomplished those awesome feats by themselves. They always had a lot of help from their coaching and training staff and teammates. Even Tiger Woods, Williams sisters, Efren “Bata” Reyes, Manny Pacquiao, Paeng Nepomuceno, and Roger Federer had help. This is the reason why I don’t believe the term “self made” millionaires/billionaires. Because I am confident that those people had at least a little bit of help from others as well.
4. It shows your character.

 The struggles and achievements in life and sports will show a person’s character. How they will handle their ups and downs will tell people the kind of person they are. Sports teaches us to keep our heads high in defeat (especially when you worked really hard for it), and remain humble in our victories. 
5. Sports develop trust and confidence.

 In order to succeed in life, we must believe in our own abilities and also believe the capabilities of the people we are with. Lack of confidence will negatively affect our performance in the game and in life. If we can’t believe in ourselves, how can we expect others to believe in us? In our journey towards success, we can’t always take the winning shot. There will come a time when we must put our trust in our teammates, colleagues, relatives, or friends. Just like when MJ passed the ball to Steve Kerr, or when Kobe passed the ball to Ron Artest, it just showed how must trust they had in their companions. Because of this trust, they were able to make the winning basket. As the saying goes, there’s no “I” in team. These two great players showed the whole world that even the best players need to trust and believe in their teammates. This is why without confidence and trust, a player/team is going to fail.
6. It also gives us a chance for redemption.

 One of the many important facts of life is that you won’t always win your battles. There will come a time when you’re going to lose or fail a few times. The same goes in sports; when you lose, it is certain that you will be given a chance to redeem yourself the next time around. I remember the time when the mighty team USA lost in the olympics. That loss just made them more competitive, and when they competed again in the following olympics, the “Redeem Team” made sure to take home the gold.
7. Sports is about being a good leader. 

 In sports, as well in life, there will come a time when you will be given the chance to lead. A good leader must be reliable and responsible. When the going gets tough, the team will count on you to lead the way. If they can’t rely on you, the team’s morale will most probably crumble and will result in a crushing defeat. Leadership is also about accountability. Should the team fail, a good leader should never play the blame game. Instead, an effective leader will take responsibility for the team’s failure. 
8. It develops courage.

 Courage isn’t the absence of fear. Rather, it is the ability to go forward despite being afraid. In sports, we sometimes feel fear when we are up against a much stronger opponent. By simply refusing to back down and trying your best against insurmountable odds, is what being courageous is all about. When countless troubles come our way, no matter how much we struggle, we must remember to never give up. Courage is the spark that will light the candle of hope. We must never forget that total defeat is inevitable when we lose the courage to keep on fighting.
Sorry if I’m going to stop at 8. I’m sure there are more, but I am simply running out of ideas, and the fact that I’m getting tired and sleepy. 😅
Thank you.

NBA Talk: Haters Gonna Hate

I don’t get why people are hating on these two great teams. They hate GSW for having a “stacked” or “super” team, especially now that former MVP, Kevin Durant joined them. And they hate the Cavs because LeBron is there.
Yes, GSW is a stacked team. But I wouldn’t call them a super team. Though they have been playoff contenders for a couple of years before Steve Kerr stepped in, but they never made it past the semis. And they even had one of the worst team standings back in 2011-2012. I mean no disrespect by not calling them a super team. They are however a great team. They are efficient and cohesive as a unit. This is why they have the best standing in the league right now.
Some people call KD a coward for joining their western conference rival. Some call him desperate for joining an already powerful team. Come on guys… Desperate? Coward? I don’t think so. He’s simply a man looking out for himself. There’s nothing wrong with that. Opportunistic? Maybe. It can’t be denied that he made a smart move, plain and simple. (I just wonder where these LBJ fanatics were when their idol went to Miami to join forces with Wade and Bosh. 😅)
Secondly, what’s all the commotion about LeBron having to fight a super team? Are you friggin’ crazy? Do you have any idea how strong and stacked his team is? You got Kevin Love, Kyrie, Smith, Shumpert, Korver, and Deron Williams to name a few. LeBron is definitely not alone. 
LBJ is surely one of the best (if not THE best) players in the league right now. His stats should be enough evidence to prove this claim. I also don’t get why people are hating him. He’s done a lot on and off the court. Yes, he may have bragged about being the best or how he said he never flops, but it is undeniable that what he’s been doing for the past few years is simply amazing. I’m not a LeBron fan, but you’ve got to respect his game. 
Lastly, I would like to address all basketball fans to just stop all this (idiotic) hate. Lets just sit back, watch these two awesome teams battle it out, and enjoy the show.

More than just a Car

For seven years, you’ve always been there for me,

whenever I needed a short escape from reality.

I’m going to miss the comfort that you provided;

kept me dry when raining, and cool when humid.
Now I have to finally let you go,

wish there was some way to let you know…

I’ll always be grateful for the times we’ve had together.

My first car, you’ll be in my heart forever.

Childish Dreams

When I was younger I wanted to have a billion dollars,with a big ass mansion and lots of expensive cars.

I’d have my own hotels and casinos and an NBA team.

Sadly, that’s all it was – a silly dream.

When I was younger I wanted to be handsome and super smart, 

to be super athletic with a natural talent for art.
I’d have millions of admirers and ever loyal fans.

But it never came true, not even the slightest chance.

When I was younger I wanted to date the prettiest celebrities;

In my private jet, we will visit different beautiful cities.

We’d eat fancy dinners, watch a movie or a show in broadway.

But I was skint as f*ck, so there’s just no way.

Now that I am older, I have grown a wee bit wiser

No more childish dreams for this little bugger

Nah! I’m just doin’ your head in, geezer

I still want my one friggin’ billion dollars!

“Head Heart Hustle”: My unforgettable Coaching Experience

I still remember my first time coaching a (high school) basketball team. I was practically clueless and nervous. It was thanks to my then colleague, mentor, and friend, Mr. Benjamin Ilano Jr. of Benedictine Institute of Learning who showed me the ropes. Let me get this straight, there’s still a ton of things that I need to learn in terms of coaching, but because of his guidance (and the risk he took by letting me coach the team), I managed to make a somewhat acceptable performance. Since 2009 I have managed to be involved in sports in all the schools that I have worked for.

In 2012, St. Edward Integrated School hired me as its very first faculty member and sports coordinator. I also had the privilege of working then with one of the best coaches in our province. Coach Angelito Cani taught me a lot in coaching. I did not only learn some of his drills, but also how he managed the attitude and discipline of his athletes.

And in 2014, I first experienced being hired purely as a basketball coach by Fiat Lux Academe in Dasmariñas, Cavite. It was a little stressful, but I considered it as “good” stress. There I met Coach Robert Sto. Domingo, who became a really good friend of mine. It was through him that I learned the true meaning of “Head Heart Hustle“. Our work ethics were basically the same; we focused on the conditioning and consistency of the players. He oversaw the conditioning, while I was into consistency.

The team that we coached was a bit undersized compared to other schools. But through our combined efforts and hard work, we managed to reach the finals with a perfect 9-0 standing. Our players conditioning was something that most of our opponents at the time did not share. The team can pull off doing a full court man to man pressure defense for 4 quarters (if needed).

This “shock and awe” strategy of ours usually catches our opponents off guard. The kids executed their plays efficiently. Their intense defensive plays were effective and  their continuous running up and down the court simply exhausted most of their opponents. Their ball rotation and off ball movements on the court, along with their communication inside did a lot of wonders as well.

Sadly, when it all mattered most, even with our twice to beat standing, we lost in the finals against the defending champs. St. Jude’s basketball team had the size, strength, speed, and stamina. We did put up a good fight, but despite giving it our all, we still lost (though I think we were the only team that they didn’t beat by a huge margin). Despite that heartbreaking loss, I am still very happy and proud of what we have achieved as a team.

From all the coaches that I had the privilege of working with, especially from my friend, Robert… I have learned that in every game and in every aspect of life, we should always use our heads, be guided by our hearts, and hustle by never settling for a half assed performance.

And now, in the senior high school of De La Salle Health Sciences Institute, I am once again part of the sports program. Being the high school sports moderator and as a member of the coaching staff, I pray and hope that we will, in the near future, be recognized as a competitive and fearsome team.



The rain has finally come soothing my weary soul

Inspiring me to write, but my mind is empty, feeling like a fool

Drip, drop, drip drop… ahh, music to my ears!

An escape from reality, drowning my fears
Still can’t think of anything… I wonder what’s wrong

The cool wind whispering like a hypnotic song

Do I write about love or maybe about emptiness?

Joy? Sorrow? I feel ridiculous. Could this be a hint of madness?
I’m all out of ideas… maybe its time to surrender

Countless thoughts in my head that I need to filter

This is getting stressful and rather tiresome

I’ll just have to have faith that great ideas will someday come.